Local and Tribal Practices

Nemeton Eluêtion / Helvetian Nemeton: The Helvetii
Senobessus Bolgon: The Belgae
Bannobrogi: The Aquitani/Pyrenees
Sepânioi Rotî: Gallo-Brittonic

Magic and Divination

Remarques sur la plus ancienne religion gauloise via Persee.fr 🇫🇷
Soito, a Gaulish sorcery by House of Secrets

Rituals, Rites, and Prayers


Cultus by Deomercurio
Selgowiros/Prayers by Touta Galation
Basics of Ritual and Prayer by House of Secrets

Nemeton Segomâros

The Basic Ritual Outline by Segomâros Widugeni
Invocations by Segomâros Widugeni

Senobessus Bolgon

Ambirâdetus and Anatlâcerdâ by Senobessus Bolgon
Anuanodîmâ by Senobessus Bolgon
Dedmâton Certon (Rite/Ceremony of the Hearth) by Senobessus Bolgon
Iariâ Delu̯iâs/Delu̯ânon (Icon dedication) by Senobessus Bolgon
Ritual Format by Senobessus Bolgon
Ritual Format II by Senobessus Bolgon

Sepânioi Rotî

Ritual by Sepânioi Rotî
Daily Ritual by Sepânioi Rotî
A Call for Rain by Sepânioi Rotî
Watering Ritual by Sepânioi Rotî
Spinning of t
he Wheel by Sepânioi Rotî

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