Ambi Amê (About Us)

Toutâ Galation is an organization dedicated to growth, promotion, and revival of Gaulish Polytheism as a living religious practice. It was formed with the purpose of bringing together Gaulish Polytheists worldwide to learn from one another in a network to share knowledge and ideas. This was done due to the scattered and sometimes geographically isolated nature of Gaulish Polytheists at this time. So, desiring to create a sense of community, this organization was formed.

Along with the religious aspects of Gaulish Polytheism, we also seek to revive at least some elements of Gaulish culture where and when reasonable. No doubt that some things are best left in the Iron Age, but what can be of value to our modern lives can help foster a sense of identity amongst those who practice Gaulish Polytheism. Therefore, like most other practitioners of most other religions, we too seek fellowship with one another. Regardless of inhibiting factors.

What we offer is a resource to foster that sense of community, and the dissemination of educational material to both the would be member of the Toutâ, and the beginner Gaulish Polytheist in general. For members, a chance to be a part of a community, and for others a potential resource. This site, of course, serves as a sort of hub to facilitate these things.

We hope to offer a little of everything here. It should be noted that this is an organization that welcomes all who are willing to learn and contribute regardless of race, skin color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, previous religion, or nation of origin. Also regardless of whether or not one has a disability. This is an inclusive space. We welcome all who are called by the Gaulish Gods or cultures. The only exception being those who are hostile to or discriminate against any of the above.

Now that we have touched upon who we are, it is worth mentioning who and what we are not. Though we do intend for Toutâ Galation to be a sort of “umbrella” organization, we do not wish to imply nor have the desire to force anyone under it. We completely understand and respect the rights of other Gaulish Polytheists to form their own organizations or to simply not be a part of any at all. Regardless of that, it is our hope that we can still learn from each other. We do not claim anything resembling a direct line to the Gauls of the past. Nor are we claiming the we practice the same way as they did. We live in our own time.

Even within the Toutâ, we do not all practice the same way nor is any prospective member expected to do so. Though we all worship Gaulish Gods, we each have different Dêwoi (Gods, Spirits) that we worship more often than others. We have conflicting ideas on varying aspects of practice sometimes, and that’s okay. Some focus on specific regions of what was Gaul, others are more general, and others still have combined the scattered elements of Gods and ideas from varying parts of Gaul and beyond.

Those interested in learning of Gaulish Polytheism, we hope to provide you with a reliable resource with this site. Any wishing to join our organization should go to the “Contact” page on this site, and we will set you up with lessons and their respective tests.