Senobessus Segomarî Curriculum

The Senobessus Segomarî Curriculum is a curriculum adjacent to our Basic Curriculum. This is based on the original Basic Curriculum created by our founder, Segomâros Widugeni, and draws from his online articles that were eventually compiled into his book Ancient Fire. While completing this curriculum does not earn the rights of initiation into Toutâ Galation, it does provide excellent learning and an opportunity to dip your toes into Gaulish Polytheism before starting the more difficult Basic Curriculum.

Lesson 1: Virtues & Basics

-Gaulish Virtues.
-Basic World View.
-Light vs Dark, Summer vs Winter.

Reading list:

Lesson 2: Dewoi Basics

-Basics on divine beings.
-Different types of Dewoi/Dewas.
Reading list:

Lesson 3: The Dewoi

Iconography & associations of major male deities.

Reading list:

Lesson 4: The Dewas

Iconography and attributes of major female deities.

Reading list:

Lesson 5: The Nemeton

-Basics on Ritual & Invocations.
-Understanding the Nementon.

Reading list:

Lesson 6: The Calendar

The Calendar consists of:

-Reading the Coligny
-Understanding the different terminology
-The Gaulish Holidays

Reading list:

Lesson 7: Book Report

Book/Craft Report

Write a report on several similar articles or a book, with the exception of Ancient Fire.  Describe what you think the author(s) was trying to say, do or prove in each article/book.  Describe what you learned.  Describe what questions remain or were raised for you. 500-750 words.

Book Suggestions:

Lesson 8: Language Exercise

You’ll be going over the vocabulary words that appeared during the lessons, and other parts of Segomâros’ blog.