Rextoues Galation

Galâ – Valor, Courage, Ability

We believe Galâ is the strength and courage in all ventures including everyday life, work and dealings with others. Demonstration of valor, courage & ability in all things, the physical, emotional and mental, to selflessly protect others from immediate harm; despite potential harm to oneself.


Couîria – Loyalty, Sincerity, Good Faith

We believe Couria is staying true to your beliefs including who you are with sincerity, openness, showing trust in your fellow tribes members, and supporting their truth through faith of each other inside and outside the community.  


Oigetocariâ – Guest-friendliness, Hospitality, Generosity

We believe Oigetocaria is keeping a balance between being a kind and protective host as well as making sure you are also comfortable in your space. Moderating the space and hospitable expectation that your guests maintain respect for you as host, and showing other guests generosity through friendliness, kindness, and protection. It is also about being a good guest, and being respectful when entering the space or home of another.


Inrextus – Integrity, Inner Rectitude

We believe Inrextus is showing integrity by not only living the values you espouse, but facing your inner truth and speaking out with honesty, as well as following through everything you say with consistency, perseverance and to completion.


Ueliâ – Modesty, Honesty

We Believe that Uelia is to be proud but not prideful while maintaining true humility, an honest proper intent, and compassion for the things you do to improve the community and hearth.


Trougocariâ – Compassion, Empathy

We believe that Trougocria is to practice empathy, sympathy without pity, and compassion within your limits, making sure to show yourself the same without self pity. Having the understanding to know when you can no longer provide it by allowing oneself to receive compassion and empathy from your tribe when you need it.


Uariâ – Duty

We believe that Uaria are the more mundane or difficult actions for the greater good of community or tribe for necessary services. Each individual performs a function and duties in the understanding that we could not function without a shared willingness of amentablity.


Erissaxtâ – Piety 

We believe Erissaxta is the more sacred of actions for the greater good of community or tribe. Piety is necessary for kindred connections within the community. Each tribe member has their own love and worship of the Dewoi in compliance with Them. Each should have the willingness to put in the work to build a relationship, and maintain that relationship for oneself; and it is important so that one can be an effective contributing tribe member.

These are the Laws of the Galatis. May the Dewoi bless those who strive to follow them.