Toutâ Galation

We are an organization dedicated to the Gaulish community, and serve it through educational activities, awareness building and hosting spaces and events for Gaulish polytheists.

Image by Alessio Soggetti

Gaulish Polytheism today

Who we are

  • A Gaulish organization for Gaulish polytheists.
  • A non-denominational organization.
  • A great hall for all Gaulish polytheists.
  • An educational and networking group.


To support the growth of Gaulish polytheism by providing spaces and resources for individuals and organizations.

What we do

  • Maintain Gaulchat, a large and active community for Gaulish polytheists.
  • Run free online conventions twice a year.
  • Provide educational resources through a curriculum, articles and videos.