Reconstruction Spotlight: Nemeton Eluêtion

Sabutâ! I’m Artocatos Taranicnos. I am the creator of Nemeton Eluêtion (Helvetian Nemeton) and Helvetian Hands which is my art commission service. I’m one of the three founders of Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG), I’m the creator/co-host of GaulCast, and, of course, am part of Toutâ Galation.

I devote my time reconstructing the Alpine tribes which I have dubbed “Alpêtis” (those of the Alps). This reconstruction is particularly focused on the Helvetii/Eluêtii. The Helvetii were a confederation of 4 tribes that lived in the Swiss plateau. They became particularly famous for their attempted migration into central Gaul until a confrontation with Julius Caesar led to the Gallic Wars. The Helvetii worshipped Dêuoi (Gods) such as Artiû (Artio), Eponâ, Sucellos, Vindedus, Matutinus, Caturix, and others. They were both friends and enemies to their Germanic neighbors and this may have led to cultures mixing together making the Helvetii a Gallo-Germanic people possibly. The Helvetii also had relations with the Greeks via river trade. The Helvetti were the most fearsome of the Alpine peoples, as they never bowed willingly to Rome and even revolted on a few occasions. The name Helvetii led to the Latinized name for Switzerland, Helvetica. Helvetica is still in the Swiss Franc and is still synonymous with resistance and resolution. This doesn’t mean that the other tribes were any less important which is why they will be reconstructed in time. The Alpêtis are not just the Gallic tribes. Alpêtis are also the Suebi, Alemanni, and Burgundi people from Germany. Alpêtis are the Etruscan born Rhaetian tribes as well. Alpêtis are those who became one with the Alps. Through Alpine Transhumans they kept their roots and their old ways became folklore. My mission is to bring back these people to the best of my ability.

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