These are the lessons needed in order to move up from a Sepânios, (Student) to a Cobrûnos, (Initiate).

For the tests contact us through the Contact Us page or through the community Discord and email the completed test to toutagalation@gmail.com.

Lesson 1 – Basics and Worldview:  Read Nemeton Segomâri columns on “Some Basics”Uoxtlos ambi Keltûs Galatîsc”“Samos Giamosc”, and “Holiness, Good, Evil, and Fate”.

Lesson 2 – Dêwoi 1:  Read Nemeton Segomâri column on “Dêwoi”.

Lesson 3 – Dêwoi 2:  Read columns on EponâTaranis, RosmertâLugusCathuboduâCamulusNantosueltâ, and Sucellus.

Lesson 4 – Dêwoi 3:  Read columns on CernunnosSironâGrannusBrigantiâ, and Ogmios.

Lesson 5 – Dêwoi 4:  Read columns on SulisNodens, and Maponus.

Lesson 6 – Dêwoi 5:  Read column on ToutodêwâsToutodêwoiMatres, and Talamonodêwoi.

Lesson 7 – The Nemeton and Ritual:  Read the column on the Nemetonthe Basic Ritual, and Invocations.

Lesson 8 – The Calendar:  Read the column on the Coligny Calendara Working Coligny Calendar, and the Holidays.

Lesson 9 – Social Structure:  Read the columns on social structure and the Toutâ Galation bylaws.

Lesson 10 – Book Report:  Read any three articles or one book from the reading list.

Lesson 11 – Language Proficiency:  Describe your efforts to learn some form of Gaulish.  No study required.