In Toutâ Galation, we offer a variety of free curriculums that we plan on continuously expanding and building on. Sometimes these curriculums are a requirement to achieve a certain rank or position within our organization and other times they are purely offered for the sake of greater education. In order to inquire or begin taking these curriculums, you’ll find them in our Facebook Group and Discord server.

Basic Curriculum

The basic curriculum is required to pass from Student to Initiate in our organization. It offers an intense but in-depth learning experience that teaches the important components of Gaulish Polytheism and assists the Student in constructing their personal practice. For more information, please visit this page on the Basic Curriculum.

Adjacent Curriculums

Adjacent Curriculums are additional curriculums that don’t require students to have previously completed the Basic Curriculum. They often offer an easier introduction to Gaulish Polytheism or any components of Gaulish Polytheism and don’t require prior knowledge but don’t necessarily provide a full picture of the custom.

Currently, the single adjacent curriculum offered is the lessons for Senobessus Segomarî, Gaulish custom through the lens of our founder Segomâros Widugeni and can be found here.

Advanced Curriculums

Advanced Curriculums are more difficult knowledge paths that require students to focus on a specific interest within Gaulish custom. These are currently in development and this page will be updated as soon as they are publicly available.

Uarina Curriculums

The Uarinas are subgroups within the Toutâ that specialize in specific subtypes of Gaulish Polytheism, and as such as these Uarina develop they will be offering Curriculums relating to the branch of Gaulish Polytheism they represent and will be added to this page.