Note: The majority of the content is provided from the blog of the Touta’s founder, Segomâros Widugeni. While they follow the spirit of revivalism and reconstructionism, they do not represent the exact beliefs of all Gaulish Polytheists.

The curriculum is as follows:

Lesson 1: Virtues and Basics
Lesson 2: Gaulish History
Lesson 3: Dewoi Basics
Lesson 4: The Dewoi
Lesson 5: The Dewas
Lesson 6: The Nemeton
Lesson 7: The Calendar
Lesson 8: The Touta
Lesson 9: Book Report /Craft Report
Lesson 10: Language Exercise

If you are interested in taking our curriculum, please let us know through the Contact Us page, or by expressing your interest in the Discord server.