Three Tenets

Touta Galation shall recognize any and all sects, cultus and traditions of Gaulish Polytheism as long as they maintain these Three Tenets:

The organization must not claim or posture themselves that they are the “one true path” of Gaulish Polytheism.

The organization must distinguish between archaeological & historical fact and their Shared & Personal Gnosis.

The organization must be inclusive to all people from all backgrounds to the faith.

Triclitoi (The Three Pillars)

Anextlos (Protecting)
Toutâ Galation serves a vital function of keeping this community safe. It is important to focus on protection of this community from problematic people (fash and the like) and bad faith actors.

Uissus (Learning)
Toutâ Galation serves another incredibly important function, which is education. We must strive to be a space that teaches folks Gaulish practices.

Conrextus (Organizing)
Toutâ Galation must strive to provide support and a resource for organizing events in the Gaulish community related to Gaulish practices. This includes providing safe spaces to network, organizing events, and helping community members meet up if possible or desirable.