The Dannos “Ministers”

Cunobelinus “Cuno” Betullicnos

Uercobretos “Chief Magistrate”

Cuno has been a Gaulish Polytheist for almost a decade, finding the Gaulish Custom through the deity Belinos, and quickly found himself immediately organizing within the small and splintered community at the time. The creator and admin of Gaulchat, he devotes much of his time between serving the Gaulish community and playing video games as much as possible. He is also a founding member of the Sepânioi Rotî Korios/Warband.

Drunertos Tarvocnos

Uerbardos: “High Bard”

Drunertos Tarvocnos is a Gaulish polytheist and an oathbound member of the Sepânioi Rotî Korios. They are the Uerbardos of Touta Galation and their personal site can be found at House of the Bull.

Plus more to come in the very near future!