Gaulcast #007: Oh My Gods! Part 1

Part one in our three part segment, Arto and Branogarâ cover various Gods or Dêuoi of the Gauls. Taranis, Eponâ, Sucellos, Carnonos, and more are discussed in this introduction to the Dêwoi. The final Toutâ Galation Virtue of Inrextus (Integrity, Self Rectitude) and this is the first video episode which can be watched on the Gaulcast YouTube channel. Visit and join our Patreon and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Author: Toutâ Galation

Toutâ Galation is an organization dedicated to the expression, revival, and growth of Gaulish Polytheism. Our goal is to bring together Gaulish Polytheists to share knowledge, network, and potentially practice together. We are proud to be a part of reviving Gaulish Polytheism and culture in the present, and helping to carry both forward into the future.