Comreton Calleios – November 2020

On November 21st, 2020, Touta Galation will be hosting Comreton Calleios “Grove Assembly” in the Gaulchat Discord server.

This online convention will begin at 2pm ET and will run throughout the day. Please note that this page will be updated as details change so be sure to check back often!

2:00-2:20 PM (20min): Opening/Welcome
2:30-3:20 PM (50min): Segomâros Widugeni presenting Introduction to Gaulish worldview and Deities
3:30-4:20 PM (50min): Cunobelinus Betullicnos presenting Cernunnos: Beyond the Horns
4:30-5:20 PM (50min): Leitnellos Tarvogenos presenting By the Snake and Star: a Presentation on Sironâ
5:30-6:20 PM (50min): Artocathos Taranicnos presenting Reconstructing the Helvetii
6:30-7:20 PM (50min): Morpheus Ravenna presenting The Viduveletia Divination System
7:30 – 8:20 PM (50min): Branos Carnutodruidon presenting Live at the Forge
8:20-8:30 PM (10min): Closing


Cunobelinus Betullicnos

Cunobelinus Betullicnos has been a Gaulish Polytheist for several years, operating the Gaulchat Discord server and is the current Uercobretos of Touta Galation. While a dedicant of Belenos, he is particularly interested in the modern Cernunnos discourse and is adamant about bringing the Gaulish custom to a larger audience. 

Presenting: Cernunnos: Beyond the Horns

This presentation will dive into both the ancient and recent past, uncovering how exactly the modern interpretation of the Gaulish deity has transformed significantly from how the ancient Celts worshiped this liminal dewoi.

Morpheus Ravenna

Biography Pending.

Presenting: The Viduveletia Divination System

Description Pending.

Artocathos Taranicnos

Not long after becoming a Gaulish Polytheist, Artocatos has been devoted and called to reconstruct the beliefs and traditions of the Helvetii Tribe of Gaul, along with other Swiss and Transalpine tribes.

Presenting: Reconstructing the Helvetii

Who are the Helvetii? In his presentation, Artocatos answers why he reconstructs their practices, culture, their gods, and how he goes about reconstructing them. He will also be answering the question on why it’s important to do tribal reconstructions in general.

Leitnellos Tarvogenos

Nellos is a Galatis from Ohio. One of the founders of Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG) and a member of Toutâ Galation (TG).

Presenting: By the Snake and Star: a Presentation on Sironâ

This presentation is about the goddess Sironâ. It discusses historical knowledge, how to piece together evidence, along with conjecture to present a well rounded understanding of Her.

Segomaros Widugeni

Segomâros Widugeni is one of the leading figures in the Gaulish Polytheist Revival.  He is the author of the book Ancient Fire: an Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism, perhaps the first book in the English language written to introduce readers to the contemporary Gaulish Polytheist path.  He is the founder and former Uercobretos of Toutâ Galation, a leading Gaulish Polytheist organization.  He is an admin of the Gaulish Polytheism group on Facebook.  He has two Master’s degrees, speaks two Celtic languages, and lives in the woods of central Florida with his wife, three dogs, three cats, and a coop full of ducks and chickens.

Presenting: Introduction to Gaulish worldview and Deities

An Introduction to Gaulish Polytheism will be a short, concise introduction to what is known of the ancient Gaulish worldview, as well as a number of deities shared across multiple tribes and regions.  Topics covered will include Cosmic Principles, the Three Worlds, sacredness and holiness, various virtues, words for Fate, Dewoi, Toutatis, Matronae, Talamonodêuoi, Dusioi, and Anderoi.  Information provided will be simple, easily digestible, and practical where appropriate.

Branos Carnutodruidon

Branos Carnutodrûidon is a devout Galatis, seer, and crafter. Known for the handmade craft from his workshop and forge, as well as the work into creating a reconstructed Druidism within the Gaulish community. Devoted to Sucellus, he operates the Carnutian Workshop and is has been studying druidry for many cycles.

Presenting: Live at the Forge

Accompany Branos Live At The Forge as he takes you through his metallurgical process and its connection to the divine. He’ll tell you of the gods, the Gaulish world, and if you’re lucky, perhaps he will pass on some wisdom too.