Toutâ Galation is an organization for Gaulish Polytheists, by Gaulish Polytheists, focused on a number of objectives:

  • To bring greater awareness of Gaulish Polytheism to the wider polytheistic and global community.
  • To  provide educational resources and curricula to anyone wishing to learn or enter Gaulish custom.
  • To create & offer and foster a rich variety of Gaulish spaces online, such as our Gaulchat discord server, and establishing in-person communities.
  • To organize a number of events for the Gaulish community, such as our Comreton Calleios online convention and larger in-person meetups.
  • Support fledgling Gaulish traditions and other revivalist Gaulish customs.
  • To maintain Gaulish Polytheism as a bastion of inclusivity, actively combating any White Supremacist or Folkish intrusions.
  • Encourage the use of more and more Gaulish terminology in our every day interactions, as well developing and teaching a Gaulish language program.

We’re an entirely democratically run organization with an utmost passion for Gaulish Polytheism, looking to teach, learn, and to provide a space for all Gaulish Polytheists. We meet frequently to worship and perform ritual online. 

Our vision is one day to have a network of in-person groups, with local leaderships and events, with those collective elected leaderships collaborating in council with the Toutâ’s global body supporting Gaulish Polytheism for decades to come.