Cunobelinus “Cuno” Betullicnos

Uxsellos: Uercobretos “Chief Magistrate”

At 25 years old, he has already been a Gaulish Polytheist and member of the community for several years, operating the Gaulchat Discord server, and is the current Uercobretos of Touta Galation and a founder of Sepânioi Rotî. A dedicant to Belenos, his personal websites can be found at houndofbel.tumblr.com and houndofbel.wordpress.com

Branos Carnutodrûidon

Uxsellos: Uelitos “Seer”

Branos Carnutodrûidon (Raven of the Carnutes Druid). He is a Galatîbessus (Gaulish polytheist) and a Druid of many years. He is the Uelitos (seer) of the Touta Galation, a founding member of Bessus Nouiogalation. A member of many Druid Orders, which are OBOD, NOD, BDO, DOGD, AODA, DONA, and the Yew order, to name a few. He is finishing Celebrancy school, and also working at becoming a priest in the Gnostic Church. Creator of the Uelîturunâs, a Gaulish and Druid divination system with more divination systems in the works. He runs the Gaulish Polytheism, Carnutian Nemeton and The Nemeton websites, where he talks about Gaul and Druidry, among many other things. He leads in bringing back the Bardos, Uatis, and Druits of Gaul within The Drunemeton, a soon-to-be Gaulish Druid Order. An artisan in the skills of blacksmithing, woodworker, and also a musician. You can find his work at the Carnutian Workshop. Many of the things he studies range from alchemy to astronomy and philosophy to folk-magic and ritual. He is very devoted to his path and his communities. His passions are his lifestyle ~ not a set of hobbies. He is very direct in his tone and can come off as harsh at times which folks that don’t know him can be put off by his personality which is very jolly with and edge. Liminality is something he always tries to maintain and holds in order to find true judgment and understanding. He holds the philosophy that as the hammer creates, it destroys, and as it destroys, it creates. Follower of the ancient Druid Virtues made modern – “Honor the Gods” “Do no evil” “Live in honor.”