Branogarâ “Bee” Morimagi

Dannos: Argantodannos“ Treasurer”

Bee has been a generic Celt Polytheist for 20 years, dedicated for most of that time to An Morrighan and Cernunnos. About five or so years ago they became dedicated to Cathubodua as well, and then this year they had the surprise of being called to worship Camulus as well. This call came with an unexpected finding of a home in Gaulish Polytheism. Something that is entirely new to them, and that they are learning about and growing with on a constant basis.

Carnonoseluiâs Abonowracî

Dannos: Uoretos Ueletos

She has been a Gaulish Polytheist for about a year, with over a decade in the general Celtic sphere. She has served Carnonos and Abnobâ in this and other lives and now also serves Adsagsona. Through her vision and piety, she looks forward to aiding the growth of Gaulish Polytheism for years to come

Cerdoslanon Boduogenon

Dannos: Uegâdannos

Cerdoslanon has been a Gaulish polytheist for the better half of the year, including 18 months in witchcraft. Through their journey, they have connected with Cernunnos, Sucellos and Nantosuelta. Since joining TG, they have assisted with the maintenance and management of the website and have aided the social media team in their operations. We look forward to seeing the fantastic work they do continue.

Garuomorion Etugenon

Dannos: Labâdannos

Garu has been a polytheist for six years, and while mainly a Hellenic polytheist has always kept a place in their home for Carnonos and The Morrighan. After discovering the greater Celtic and specifically Gaulish polytheist community two years ago and TG a year ago, they have found a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the historical roles and worship of these deities, as well as others they have grown closer to.

Îanos Doniocaros

Dannos: Uoretos Uerbardos

They have been exploring polytheism for almost five years now, but just over six months ago they felt a calling to the Celtic pantheon. They were alost immediately drawn to the Dêuoi and promptly began their practice. They began their journey solely devoted to Carnonos, but have grown devoted to Eponâ, Catubodua and more recently Aidonâ. For now, they’re focused on working on their own practice and helping Gaulpol grow/develop the best they can.