A Short History of Toutâ Galation

A brief timeline of major events, including the timeline of when current members of the Uxselloi completed the curriculum.

Toutâ Galation was first conceived in 2016, when founder Segomâros Widugeni shared the first drafts of  our original bylaws in the Gaulish Polytheism Community on Facebook.

With time, they were finalized and the tribe was officially created with Segomâros Widugeni as the first Uercobretos, later recognized as the Centis or “the first”. Morpheus Ravenna was brought in as the first Ueletâ.

Segomâros’ original curriculum almost entirely consisted of his blog posts, which later became the book Ancient Fire. At this time, few other materials existed for Gaulish Polytheism and it represented what the typical Gaulish Polytheist should know, given what was available at the time. This curriculum lives on in Toutâ Galation, in the form of the Senobessus Segomarî curriculum.

Over time, the number of initiates within Toutâ Galation grew to a small handful of datlâ. At this time, Toutâ Galation existed distinctly more as a closed membership and closer in spirit to today’s traditions, where Segomâros’ interpretation of the Gaulish realms served as a uniting gnosis. At the time, distinctions we understand today didn’t exist as we further explored our identity. 

In August 2017, we held a brief election for Uercobretos, as the original bylaws limited Segomâros’ initial unelected term. He was unanimously re-elected by the datlâ. Shortly after, Cunobelinus Betullicnos became the first Uerbardos.

By the time Iwos Lugous 2019 rolled around, the Discord server had become the first major hub for the tribe. Most of the Datlâ relocated from our small Facebook group chat, and membership grew through sharing the curriculum over the Discord platform. This marked our first official meeting, which allowed us to consider the direction of the Toutâ and our role in the wider Gaulish community.

After another year of both painful and pleasant growth, the tribe faced Iwos Lugous 2020, marking major changes for the Toutâ. Envisioning a new role in a developed Gaulish community as organized traditions emerged for the first time, the bylaws were modified, transitioning the Toutâ to being a great hall for all Gaulish Polytheists. Development of gnosis and custom is entrusted to the growing and yet to be conceived traditions ,as Toutâ Galation took on the role as a caretaker and organizer of the community. Cunobelinus Betullicnos was elected unopposed to the role of Uercobretos and Branos Carnutodrûidon was nominated and confirmed by the Datlâ as the new Ueletos. The first two “Comreton Calleios” online conventions were hosted on the discord server during this year.

Another explosion of growth took us to Iwos Lugous 2021. At this point, the tribe’s social media presence solidified, and as such the Social Media Committee graduated to become the Suidus Driciâs, an officially recognized body run by the newly elected Uerbardos, Drunertos Tarvocnos. Cunobelinus Betullicnos was reelected as Uercobretos against runner up, Dagloberos Runosagiton. The term limit of Uercobretos reverted to 3 years, as in the original bylaws.

In the weeks to follow, a fully overhauled curriculum was established, marking the recent evolution of modern Gaulish custom , while the original curriculum is retained as an optional supplemental lesson plan.

Expect future updates to this section as Toutâ Galation continues to grow and find its place in the world.