Craft Report: Leton Bebronas

Leton Bebronas is a fully fledged member of the Toutâ, completing their datlâ certification less than a month ago. Hailing from Belgium, they are well known for sharing a multitude of stunning pictures from their visits to nearby archaeological sites and museums.

Lesson 9 : Craft

I made a devotional drawing of Sucellos. It is a companion piece of my previous Nantosuelta drawing.

(The completed piece for this lesson. Due to the camera, and with the screen as a variable, the colors *could* be duller than it is in reality.)


  • Bones : death and underworld
  • Tree : life. An oak. 
  • The tree, as it is, is not realistic as it is in various states of it’s cycles. New leaves, Acorns, dead branches.
  • Mallet : iconography of Sucellos
  • Grape and wine : associated with Sucellos, and also fertility and products of the earth (as are the apples bellow, while not among Sucellos’s usual iconography)
  • Hands : There are death hands and life hands. The life hands give fruits and wine, the death hands are present to kill them. Both are presents for a cycle of life and death.
  • Squirrel: Use and eat the product of the tree
  • Wheat : agriculture.

Sucellos is a god of life and death. Of what grows on the earth, of the underworld and it’s fertility.

This is not a typical depiction, not traditional. It is not a humanoid (not really) depiction. I am not sure of how to describe what it is. More literal animist aspect probably? Symbolic is highly present. Aside from what is used from attested iconography, I make my own which means I need to focus on the deity, and follow my guts. I love that kind of work, because I believe that the gods can have many shapes.

Aside from the attested iconography I used, I had to make my own due to the nature of this depiction. Drawing aspects of a god in a more literal way. It is also a matter of not only relying on history books, but also on what i feel from it. Aside from this, I tried to balance the colors. Not too dull but not a literal rainbow.


(Sketches, trying out some visuals and deciding of the elements)

(Scaling of the selected final visual)

(Coloring process)

Bonus piece:


It’s companion piece, that I made some times ago.


  • The house scepter (common iconography)
  • Flowers, Wheat, Water (fertility, underworld, gifts of the underworld, life)
  • Roots (underworld)
  • Earthly roots with holes, insects (mysteries of the earth, home for many creatures)
  • Bones (death)